Cassopolis & Diamond Lake, MI

diamond_lakeview[1].jpgCassopolis is a quaint community located in Southwestern Michigan. Located approximately 2 hours from Chicago and 35 miles to the North of South Bend In. Many lakes populate this region with two lakes located in the village of Cassopolis.

Stone Lake is located on the southwest side of the Village. It is a 156 acre lake offering great pan fishing as well as boating and aquatic activities. A public boat launch is available.

Diamond Lake is located southeast of the Village. This 1,020 acre natural lake is a popular recreational lake containing a marina and a public boat launch. This is the biggest inland lake in Southwestern Michigan. This lake provides year around activities with fishing, swimming, boating, sailing as well as ice fishing.


Community Info

Since the community is relatively small in nature, the number of people in town is less than 2,000. This helps to provide you with a sense of community and warmth that larger towns are unable to provide you with as a resident. Their school district is composed of an elementary school and a combines junior and senior high school. Thanks to the town having their own school system, you will not have to worry about your children going very far to get a solid education.




howell_diam[1].jpgThe town itself was named from Lewis Cass who was a distinguished senator from Michigan before the beginning of the American Civil War. It was because of the New Hampshire native that the town and county garnered their names to begin with. Back in 1863, the town was incorporated and became a village. It was originally platted back in 1831 when it was considered the county seat during that time.

Attractions & Activities

For those who are unfamiliar with the town, Diamond Lake is one of the main attractions around. As one of the most beautiful lakes around, you will enjoy boating, swimming and an array of activities that Diamond Lake has to offer you. Plenty of homes are available from which you can choose right on the lake, which will provide you with the views and comfort you desire.

78468721[1].jpgCool Springs Campground is a great location for families to head out and enjoy themselves. Not only are the accommodations amazing, but the staff is also great to work with. For a simplistic and rustic experience rolled into one convenient package, the campgrounds are definitely the way to go in town.

Choosing a piece of real estate in Cassopolis MI is one of the most invigorating experiences you will have. Since the town is so amazing, you will quickly understand why people choose to purchase their homes in Cassopolis MI. Take the time to speak with one of the real estate agents in town to see what you can find in no time at all. Before you can think about it, you will have found the home of your dreams in one of the best towns in the area.




During the approaching months, you can enjoy the David Wax Museum, Stone Tools Rock exhibition, attend a class on glass beads and much more. Regardless of what your individual style and taste is, a class or exhibition will work for your individual needs.


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The Wortman Group