South Haven, MI

SH1.jpgSouth Haven is a one-of-a kind Michigan Beach Town. Yachting Magazine ranks South Haven in the top 10 Yachting towns in the world. Situated on the shimmering water of Lake Michigan, the city boasts a strong economy and excellent outdoor amenities. A prime destination for vacationers as well, it is often called the “Catskills of the Midwest” due to its beautiful scenery and abundant vacation homes available at great prices. Real estate in South Haven MI offers a mix of beautiful scenery and reasonable prices. In addition, homes in South Haven MI offer a wealth of choices and quaint architecture. With its ideal location and affordable property for sale, South Haven is one of the most coveted locations along the shores of Lake Michigan.

Real estate in South Haven MI is known for its beautiful lakefront views. Homes in South Haven MI include lakefront properties with charming waterside views, single-family homes, multifamily homes, condos, starter homes and vacation homes that offer easy access to the city’s wide array of beaches, parks and recreational options. Whether you’re looking for a spacious house to raise your growing family or a quaint vacation home on the Sugary Sandy shores of Lake Michigan, South Haven offers a treasure trove of choices.




The city was first settled in 1833 and grew steadily as a port and local hub of trade, agriculture and shipbuilding. In the early 1900s, a number of new casinos, theaters and hotels opened in the city, signifying its emergence as a resort town and fashionable place to live. The years after World War II saw new industries and resorts open in South Haven, helping to further strengthen its economy, Today the city is renowned for its livability and beautiful lakefront views, making it one of Michigan’s most desirable locations.



Parks and Recreation

10058364_17[1].jpgSouth Haven offers incomparable recreation and leisure options thanks to its abundant parks and direct access to Lake Michigan. Swimming, boating, fishing and water sports are all easy to come by in this laid-back, beautiful city. In addition, it boasts the Black River, the Kal-Haven Trail and lush parks such as Van Buren State Park and the Van Buren Trail State Park.

Attractions and Activities

South Haven holds a vast array of attractions and sites of interest. Its rich collection of things to see and do include its beautiful beaches, Lake Michigan, the Black River, the South Haven Lighthouse, numerous parks and the renowned South Haven Center for the Arts. It also plays host to acclaimed museums and cultural institutions like the Michigan Maritime Museum and the Michigan Flywheelers Museum.


95514439[1].jpgThe city also hosts a number of fun events and community activities throughout the year. Some of these include the Ice Breaker Festival, the National Blueberry Festival, local farmers markets, arts and crafts shows and much more.

South Haven: A Livable City on Lake Michigan

With its coveted location and beautiful homes, it’s easy to see why South Haven is one of the most desirable places to live in Southwest Michigan. Those looking into property in the city should contact a real estate agent right away for the best real estate deals available.

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